This International Women's Day 2018 I did a little doodle for ELLE BOX to continue to celebrate our achievements, pave the way for gender equality., and recognize the most absorbent part of the body – The Vagina.

Vagina's have feelings too!

It's the most sensitive on so many levels. When we absorb encounters and experiences, fantastic or heartbreaking, we don't realize how sensitive we actually are. Let's heal people for the divides that society has made for us and touch on things that are important to the world right now. Let's look at the relationship between emotional, mental, and physical health of the body and be less dictating over this as a separate organic in the body. We need to raise awareness and be open to talk about these things because as one of the most important organs and centre channels, we need to respect “its” voice too.

Let's make a change and FREE THE BOX. The way experience and talk about our vagina is as important as having that morning coffee.

I chose to donate to days for girls an organization providing girls with period products internationally.

Art illustration,

Christina Sicoli

acrylic, pastel, pencil on paper

unnamed (1).jpg